want to feel 10 years younger?

Try IWT or interval walk training. It’s as easy as that!

In 2011, Gretchen Reynolds queried a dozen physiologists in the New York Times Magazine article, “What’s the Single Best Exercise?” After much discussion about the benefits of many different types of exercises, most agreed – the single best exercise is the one people stick with, enjoy, and are able to do over the long term.

Sounds like walking fits the bill.

Highlighted in the article is a study which illuminates the subtle, yet sublime power of walking. Hiroshi Nose, M.D., Ph.D, a professor of sports medical sciences at Sinshu University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan, enrolled thousands of older Japanese citizens in a five month long program of brisk, interval style walking (three minutes of fast walking followed by three minutes of slower walking, repeated 10 times.)

The results indicated a potential fountain of youth. Dr. Nose reported “Physical fitness – maximal aerobic power and thigh muscle strength – increased by about 20 percent, which is sure to make you feel 10 years younger than before training, The walker’s symptoms of lifestyle related disease (hypertension, hyperglycemia, and obesity) decreased by about 20 percent, while their depression scores dropped by half.”

Thank you Dr. Nose! (Cool name, by the way.)

As Gretchen Reynolds points out in her article “Brisk walking has also been shown by other researchers to aid materially in weight control. A 15 year study found that middle-aged women who walked for at least an hour a day maintained their weight over decades. Those who didn’t – gained weight. In addition, a recent seminal study found that when older people started a regular program of brisk walking, the volume of their hippocampus, a portion of their brain involved in memory, increased significantly.”

Am I getting this right…if I walk, my waistline decreases while my brain volume decreases? Whaaaat? Simple, inexpensive and age defying – IWT!



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