take a walk somewhere new and different

Last week I shook things up a bit and took a walk on a beach. A beach on Lake Michigan.

My favorite way to deal with the doldrums of winter is to take a walk somewhere new and different. Break my pattern. It really wasn’t as awful as it might sound.

Sure it was cold, but everyday is cold. Of course there was wind, but it was a wildly energizing wind. Yes, things were frozen, but there was so much beauty in the frozen landscape.

What a strange and lovely view! I was able to see all sorts of muted pinks, greens and blues in the grey day. The scenery was spectacular. The lake was uncharacteristically sharp and edgy, unnaturally still.

And the sounds…no familiar waves crashing or gentle surf rolling, but an eerie quiet, interrupted every so often by a wrenching sound. The groan of ice moving.The frozen slabs of water settling and rearranging in their bed.

Then there was the sky…always a mesmerizing eye catcher for me! Puffy clouds sprinting across the horizon.

And to think, in all of this, I was just a speck walking on the beach. Amazing!



Let's talk about that walk...

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