strawberry moon walk

Last week the media was buzzing about the ‘strawberry full moon’ destined to arrive in our area on Tuesday night. The farmer’s almanac says it is so named because it signals time for the June strawberries. (Hmm, I  did notice mine are budding like crazy.)

My spouse and I were very fortunate because on the very night of the strawberry moon we had the pleasure of dining out with a friend. As it turned out, we walked from our friend’s house into her suburb’s lively downtown area to have our dinner. After a satisfying meal, we decided to take advantage of the warm evening temperatures and the rising strawberry moon with a late night stroll around the town.

Our nightcap wander led us up a little hill where we could look down on the downtown park which was teeming with all sorts of activity. The evening lights twinkled on the basketball courts full of twenty somethings prancing and practicing their hoop dreams under the stars. The luminescent volleyball nets wiggled and jiggled with dumps and dinks, spikes and blocks, and the golden sand of the outdoor courts sprayed and splayed up into the sky, almost dancing on the moonbeams. Frisbees were gliding softly across stretches of green lawn, and bicycles pedaled piously around the pavement. The nighttime air so invigorating that we were all the same age.

An empty outdoor theater in the round beckoned. To sit for a moment, and wonder…could we be the actors upon its inviting stage?

More interested in the moon than anything else we watched it rise above the treeline, full and bright. Maybe, just maybe… it had a slight tinge of strawberry. That’s all we needed!

With a couple silly selfies to commemorate our adventure, we were off again strolling back to my friend’s house. There was something about walking and talking in the dark night that made our conversations richer and deeper.

I was reminded how much I love taking walks at night with my friends. If you haven’t had a night time walk with some friends you might want to work your way into one, I highly recommend it!



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