the trees wear sweaters in Evanston

Last weekend, my walk took me through a portion of downtown Evanston. I detoured away from the Lake to see what was going on near the coffee shops. I couldn’t help but notice many of the tree trunks and branches were full of color. Not just the usual spring color, but a fabulous homemade intertwine of rope color. My new route was already proving to be mildly psychedelic!

Passing close by one of the trees, I could see it was adorned with a novel type of sapling stitchery. Macrame? Crochet? A random hybrid of colorful cord lacery? I’m not sure. Upon closer inspection of the artwork, I could see flowers and plastic fasteners embellishing and attaching the disconnected parts of the adorable wrap. Someone obviously cared a great deal about this tree and their interlaced weave of multicolored timber cloak.


What a lovely and tender way to honor trees!

As I continued on, I looked for any hint or explanation for why the trees were so decorated. Was the breeze off the Lake too much for them this year? Were they sick? Could this be some college student’s community project? I could find nothing.

The next tree I passed, looked as if it were wearing braided leg/branch warmers. The cordage had been thoughtfully applied in a warm, kaleidoscope of jazzy fashion. My imagination wondered…Art or necessity? Project or providence? My mind reminded me…this is just the sort of thing one would find in Evanston. A conscious and caring community, tolerant, diverse, youthful, yet, classy. Not just a patron of the arts, but a place where nature and art live and breathe on the same street.


If you take a second look at the above picture, you will see another tree (across the street) also conspicuous in a very vibrant trunk wrap.

All the trees on the block were wearing these sweaters! Too many to photograph. A mystery with no explanation.

Oh well, maybe someday I’ll find out, but for now – who cares? I’m content to immerse my walk in the lovely spirit of Evanston.



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