hump day humor and a silly walk with monty python

Monty Python was my go to for late night British comedy in the ’70’s. When the silly walk phase began, my friends and I amused ourselves by creating our own silly walks. We couldn’t get enough!! Best to master the basics first. Have a look…

I encourage you to try a silly walk today!

monty python quotes -

greetings, stranger

From the Daily Prompt:  You’re sitting at a café when a stranger approaches you. This person asks what your name is, and, for some reason, you reply. The stranger nods, “I’ve been looking for you.” What happens next?

“Do you write a blog called walktalk?” the stranger asks.

“Yeah, sure, that’s my blog,” I reply.

“We’ve been following it” says the stranger, “and I want you to come with me.”

“What?” “Why?”

“We think it would be interesting to take YOU on a walk.”

“Me, what do you mean?” “What kind of walk?” “Who are you?”

“Have you ever heard of Bear Grylls?”

“Sure the ultra-testosterone extreme survival guy, he walks softly and carries a big knife.”

“Bear wants you to go on one of his walks.”

“Oh. Gee. Thank you, but I don’t think so. I’ve seen where Bear walks. He walks up, he scales, he climbs, he rappels, and he does it through streams and slots and jungles. Usually the person with him has some sort of emotional break down through. The poor person is stuck, can’t go, whimpers, speaks in tongues and shakes until they realize they have no choice.”

“Bear would like you to do a post about your walk with him.”

“Whaaat? Are you kidding me, did you see what he did to Deion Sanders when he wanted him to take a leap of faith? Oh my God, I prayed…out loud for the man during that episode. And… what about Tom Arnold? He hiked miles and miles with Bear and all he got to eat was some teeny, tiny raw fish that Bear scooped out of a lake! How about Tamron Hall? Bear made her carry a dead squirrel while she precariously shuddered down a sheer wall. Did I mention I have just a smidge of a fear of heights? Yeah, and I know how much Bear loves his ropes. Um, I’m not really into ropes. Ooooh, by the way, I’m really busy for the next couple of weeks, so sorry I can’t commit.”

At that moment, in the distance there is the thwap thwap thwap of an approaching helicopter. My heart starts racing as I imagine Bear perched on the landing gear, I feel the sweat begin to drip from my forehead. As the sound gets nearer and nearer, I can see in my mind how the events will unfold… Bear will leap off the heli, say a polite “hello Karen,” grab my gear and my hand, then yell to me over the roar of the rotors “don’t look down,” as I throw up on his boots.

That’s it! I’ll have to stand up to Bear, I’ll have to look fear in the face!!!

With a sudden start I sit bolt upright, opening my eyes wide, ready for a face to face with the one and only Bear Grylls. Only to discover…

I’m not in a café at all, I am in my bed, keenly aware of a traffic chopper hovering over my house, near my open bedroom window.

Haha – a dream, that’s all it was.

No Bear, no adventure, no insane fear to deal with. Wow! Do I look forward to my walk in the Park today!

(Mental note…I gotta stop watching that show!)

“Dear Joan, can we talk…”


“Darling, I am going to miss you. You may be thinking – but you’re just a Saint Bernard. Ahhh, but I am a Saint Bernard who has observed, modeled and traveled in your footsteps my whole life. For starters, I have a sense of humor some would call biting. I am loyal to my procedures which keep me young and beautiful (as you can see in my ultrasound picture); and I have been known to impact style in the large breed fashion world of canine couture.

In fact, this is where I will begin. If I might toot my own horn, I was the first to sport highly stylized boots in my neighborhood. You can tell I wear them with attitude! Where’s the runway baby?!! Then there was the summer it was hot in February -well, I was hot in February! Do you see it? The brown heart my groomer artfully placed on my bum? Yup, I was wearing “Gabby” that day. Winter, OH! winter! Love it! Give me bells, give me red, a sprinkling of snow and let me Rock it! Nothing more to say, except…whaaat? Is that thunder? Boom-boom, and no worries, cause I am reclining in my crib with a comfy, cozy hug of a “thunder shirt.”

boots heart hollyNellie red coat thunder

My dear Joan, in my dreams I had hoped to see you some day on the Red Carpet. I really wanted to thank you. You were the pioneer for us girls – with your wit, your agelessness, and your fashion.

I will try to keep the party going Joan, but it isn’t going to be easy.”


may humor

May we share some exercise humor? Where better to feel the love and inner laugh than… Pinterest! Thank you Pinterest for the lol’s!


What a good excuse to get a new dog!

Fitness Humor
We hear what we want to hear…
Some Friday fitness humor :)
Here’s to workout buddies everywhere…they have fun no matter what! Does anyone else think Lucy’s in a zone? Is Ethel wearing slippers?
Work out buddies are the best! Miss my work out buddy @Sarah Chintomby Chintomby Pittman Fox
This reminds me of something my brother would do…the look of pride on their faces can’t be beat! Wait a minute, is that my brother?!
I would have loved to really see this
Ahh…the memories…new stability ball – and… face plant!
not with our easy under 20 workouts
I know the feeling Betty!
Betty White's exercise - more likely my exercise as well..
It’s where I’m at today!!!
AMEN  See More:

april humor

Time to lighten up – have a laugh. Let’s talk Pinterest.

I am a Pinterest devotee. I love the randomness of the information I find. The best part is the surprise! Those times when I didn’t even know I needed an inspirational quote, or a fabulous photo or a delicious new recipe for a healthy way to eat peanut butter. Happily, I navigate through the rabbit-hole squares of the Pinterest matrix.  On occasion, I travel a great distance, and I am not sure how I arrived to where I am in the pinterest world, but that’s part of the fun.

Pinterest makes me laugh; gets me to think; awes me with beautiful photography of my favorite Earth (because now they’ve found a cousin planet), and Pinterest helps me understand and forgive myself when I have “lo-mo” (low motivation!)

Here’s how it works for me, I’ll visit Pinterest on Monday, grab some pins, run out of time, and leave the site. On Wednesday, I’ll visit my pins page and see what I pinned before, it’s kind of like I am visiting myself in another dimension. (Does that make sense?) I’ll try to explain… typically, I forget about Monday by Tuesday, (my mood, what I pinned, where I went on Pinterest). By the time I come back on Wednesday…I am in a whole different frame of mind. When I look back at what I pinned on Monday – I’m impressed with myself for whatever insight I though was important on that day. (Like having a bunch of personal assistants -a therapist, a personal trainer, a nutritionist, a decorator, a gardener – you get the picture.) I have all of these positive voices in my head – and they’re all me motivating me!

Take this little cartoon for instance…this was a break through, this is me!

So true

As a retiree, I still haven’t found the perfect balance between how much I should stay busy and how much I should relax and enjoy. I suppose it will come, or maybe not. Maybe – this was me as a teacher? Maybe – this is my personality, my frame of reference, my “gestalt”? Hmmm, mind boggling thoughts for another day – or not…pin-it!

Then one day I found this tee shirt…

FREE SHIPPING- Super Cali Swagalistic Hella Sexy Dopeness, Off Shoulder Shirt, Hipster, Street Style Shirt (women, teen girls)

I don’t even know what this means…but I want to be it! What’s wrong with me? I find it humorously motivating and it makes me smile- just for that-it gets pinned!


How about this girl?

crossfitters:  Camille. Crossfit Games 2013. Photo by Josh Mirone.

When I saw this, I couldn’t stop looking…not because I’m weird or anything, but as a former Physical Educator with a high regard for the human body and it’s anatomical possibilities, I am amazed. I could feel my mind start to wonder…she looks so strong and there is such beauty in her strength, such beautiful muscle, no veins or ugly bumps and lumps…could I do this? Uhh, wake up missy! You’re fifty something years old, it ain’t ever gonna happen and probably wouldn’t have happened when you were younger. But, oh, we can dream! I don’t even want to know about all of the hours she has put into that body – but I am inspired at her effort. Pin-it!

On the same day, in the same excursion, I will find this girl…

Baile. Movimiento. Dance. Movement · Vogue editorial
Now… I want to be her; or take what she’s taking to feel what she’s feeling! Just spend a moment looking at her face…I love her face. I can’t decide what she’s expressing, but I find her look conveys a certain attitude I wish I had. Hmmm…good reminder to “just be you!”…pin it!
As my Pinterest clock begins to wind down, and I sadly become aware that I need to move back into the real world, resuming my life of retirement productivity (whatever that is!),

I find one more charming little square…

Wouldn’t ya know it, this one simultaneously pokes fun at me and Pinterest! Love it!  Pin it!
Yup, how much more would I get done if I just left Pinterest?
But then- how much more do I get done because of Pinterest?