life is short, stretch your time with a walk

Walking takes longer than any other form of locomotion except crawling. Thus it stretches time and prolongs life. Life is already too short to waste on speed.  – Edward Abbey

We speed through life. (I have sped through life.) In America we can’t help it. Our culture wants us to get going as soon as possible. Babies demolish developmental benchmarks. Toddlers and tweens begin competing for high flying education tracts. Teenagers accumulate advanced placement classes and college kids need to have their first job lined up before graduation.

Then we work. And our work is who we are. We devote ourselves to the organization, to coworkers and those we service. We begin to chase time. At some point we realize we chase time because we want it all – the home, the family, the car and vacations.

It is during the vacation, when we finally have time to slow our pace and reflect. We allow ourselves time to pause and wonder “why does life go by so fast?” So, we buy a t-shirt from a tourist gift shop which reminds us…

                                 Amazing quote. Put yourself first... not talking about the ego.. but YOU. Do something spontaneous today... listen to your heart!Life is too short to be anything bu happy    ~  #life  #quote  #taolife
                                         We ALL like coffee, can it be HEALTHY? www.javabyeva.organogold.comLife is too short to not do these 25 things

And we return to work. For the next 20 or 25 years we juggle all of it. We begin to get the mantra in our head that “time is money.” They tell us we will need a lot of money for this and that, especially if we ever want to slow down or stop. We wear our “life is short” t-shirt when we hurry off to the gym or the grocery store, or our volunteer commitment. We may even sleep in it because in America we get really tired, we are stressed because the competition of the fast track (or any track) never ends. Seriously, we aren’t lazy, we are usually exhausted from chasing the time to get more of the money. We begin to forget how to slow down. Then one day, we lose the t-shirt from our vacation in the laundry that we don’t have time to fold.

My advice for today and the weekend comes from Simon and Garfunkel…

“Slow down, you move to fast. You got to make the morning last. Just kicking down the cobble stones. Lookin’ for fun and feeling groovy.”

This weekend, take off the life is too short t-shirt. Try to spend some time outdoors and go for a walk. Take in the beauty of this marvelous May. Slow down and see if you can find the feelin’ groovy in life. Stretch your time and lengthen your life with a walk. That’s the t-shirt we need…



Let's talk about that walk...

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