stay hydrated my friend!

Water is the most important nutrient for life. Some very important functions include:  the regulation of body temperature, the lubrication of joints and the transport of nutrients and waste throughout the body.

Studies have found athletes who lose as little as 2 percent of their body weight through sweating will have a drop in blood volume which causes the heart to work harder to circulate blood. A drop in blood volume can cause feelings of dizziness, fatigue and heat illness. Not a comfortable way to exercise!

Here are some hydration tips:

  • If you wait until you feel thirsty, it’s probably too late. Stay ahead of thirst and hydrate before and during exercise. Drink 8 – 10 ounces of fluid 10 – 15 minutes before exercise.
  • Think about hydrating with 8 -10 ounces every 15 minutes during moderate exercise.
  • Keep in mind – higher altitudes, warm temperatures, profuse sweating or vigorous to high intensity workouts all require fluid replacement for peak performance. Customizing fluid replacement with beverages that contain electrolytes and carbohydrates can also keep the body in balance.
  • If exercising longer than 90 minutes drink 8 – 10 ounces of a sports drink every 15 – 30 minutes.
  • Post exercise:  drink 20 – 24 fluid ounces for every 1 pound lost. It’s a very good idea to consume a ratio of 4 : 1 carbohydrate to protein within 2 hours after exercise to replenish glycogen stores for the best recovery.

My Chicago weather is warming up and my walks are starting to increase in duration and intensity, because of this I like to wear a camelbak. No matter where my walk takes me, my fluid source is strapped to my back. I love the technology!

If you visit the Camelbak website you can find out your individual fluid needs for a specific activity. Pretty cool, huh!

Stay comfortable and stay hydrated my friend!


(disclaimer – I have no affiliation with camelbak, I  want to share information about any product that makes exercising better.)


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