when to replace athletic shoes

According to the walking expert at abouthealth.com -Wendy Bumgardner, athletic shoes have about a 350 – 500 mile limit and should be replaced or repurposed every 3 to 6 months.

Last week after some of my walks I noticed my feet were feeling a bit cranky. I decided to inspect my shoes. As I turned my current rotation of shoes over, I could see the worn spots on the soles.

imageCome to think of it, I can’t remember when I last felt that bouncy, springy feeling in my step. With the bottom of the shoe looking flattened, I’m sure the cushioning and support on the inside of the shoe was just as broken down. Hmm…the last new pair of shoes I purchased was almost six months ago. Considering my usual mileage is about 100 miles a month …yikes! I need new shoes. No wonder I have foot complaint.

But it’s hard to retire the old, comfy well worn, broken-in in all the right spots sneakers. So hard to say goodbye to the cheery colors I’ve gotten so used to. Like a dear friend, through weather thick and thin, they’ve kept me balanced and upright as I’ve looped along my path. With some anxiety I wonder “will the new model be the same as the old? Will I be forced into a different brand? What about the colors – will they be cheerful or something I have to tolerate to get the right fit?”

Oh well, might as well make the best of it. Looks like I’m heading to the store today to find the newest shoes in my hood for walking! Time for some…



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