get active before you retire

Walking got a nice mention in USA today a couple of weeks ago.

Walking is still the most popular exercise. It is easy to do, can be done almost anywhere and does not require any special equipment.

A very good article stressing the importance of preparing physically as well as fiscally for retirement. Let’s face it, all the financial fitness in the world is worthless if we are not physically fit enough to enjoy and participate in the variety of activities that become available in retired life.

When I was in high school, my grandparents retired to Florida into an active senior community with tennis, swimming, golf, a clubhouse and much more. They rode their bikes around the neighborhood and went for walks after dinner. They set the bar for me. I wanted their lifestyle when I was older. Retirement looked like a year round vacation at a fabulous resort.

As the media continually stresses, financial planning is crucial to retiring in the lifestyle you are accustomed to,  but, don’t forget the old saying from that distant high school PE/Health class “our health is our wealth.” (Yeah, gym teachers know some stuff!)

The trick is to get and stay fit before you retire. Waiting until you retire, because you will have the time is risky. Kind of like hoping you’ll win the lotto the year before you finish working.

Some benefits from pre-planning your physical fitness in retirement include:

  • a good chance of lower healthcare costs
  • advance preparation for an active retirement
  • choices for adventurous travel, or participation in favorite athletic pursuits, or maintaining a robust schedule of favorite hobbies, or maybe, just keeping up with the rigors of hanging around a little person
  • staving off chronic disease
  • more fun to pursue whatever!

Let’s face it sickness, and chronic health conditions cost money. The cost of maintaining decent health insurance can be like carrying a small mortgage, add to that prescriptions and other out of pocket medical costs. There are so many other worthwhile things to spend those extra dollars on –  if we can just stay healthy.

It’s a given –  too much sedentary time is bad for us. What better reason is there to begin thinking about losing a few pounds, or toning up or eating better. The best time is always now – look ahead and start walking, find a yoga class, ride your bike, golf, dance away your stress with zumba, hip hop, or find your inner karate kid with some mixed martial arts. Whatever you choose, you will start putting those fitness silver dollars in the bank – you’ll find a little each day, makes a lot in the end!




Let's talk about that walk...

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