zip around the forest of blogs

The best part of blogging is the exposure to other blogs. When ennui steals my enthusiasm or muddles my motivation, all I have to do is type in a search term and I am transported away to the wonder of other places. Exploring the blog-o-sphere can be an instantaneous zip to anywhere – from Hokkaido, Japan to the North of England. People walk and talk all about the globe.

Unencumbered by a fear of heights, sure of my ability to slow down and brake, I take chances and look over the stuff that is fresh and green. As I move along through the internet, passing by posts and landing on pages to see what others are writing, (or where they are writing from) I gain a new perspective – vast and invigorating. Astounded by the stunning vistas of photography merging in and out of my view, many of the blogs evoke feelings of wonder and amazement. I am humbled and slightly intimidated by the gravity of it all, yet mesmerized, until I feel the tug to keep moving.

It’s no secret some of my favorite hobbies are walking, writing, hiking, photography and travel. I try to do these things as much as possible in my current life, but I realize daily – I am very new, and very young at this.

There are amazing sites out there, and their creative guides live in, travel to, photograph and write oh, so peacefully, about the exquisite and unique places on Earth. Some of these are blogs I follow and highly recommend for their particular perspective, others I visit once in awhile.

I am still very unsure of my place in all of this, but I am committed to the exploration and urged on by the incredible work of others. There is much beauty, peace and gratitude in the serene and natural world of the blog forest and I am grateful for all of it. My soul flies along a line of happiness.

For now, I will continue to aspire and soar above my fears. My goal – to keep finding new platforms to scale, because…


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