“these boots were made for walkin’…”

Just because I put my boots away…I woke up to a surprise absence of sunrise in Chicago this morning!

“Excuse me…sun…hello? Please come back.” What if dear ms. sunshine went on Spring break? What if she is basking somewhere with palm trees and a thriving nightlife? Oh dear, can’t say that I blame her.

My park is once again a frothy cappuccino.

The snow coming down fast and furious, as if in a race to dump as much as possible before the predicted noontime end. Uncomfortably wet and heavy, it’s the kind that makes everything pretty at first, but then becomes sloshy and dark when moved about during shoveling.


I will admit, my mood was disconsolate as I once again pulled on and labored with my layers of winter wear.

Stepping into the white-out world, the vista was not quite what I expected to see. After this past week, I was getting used to a subtly growing green addiction. Talk about back to square one.

As the shock of the new color scheme eventually dissipated, I settled into a crunch-crunch rhythm and tried to make the best of it. Bustling my booted self through the three inch accumulation (so far) I focused on exhaling. This would be my time to breathe out all the fat I had consumed over the cold weekend. Whoa! What a challenge! Blowing out was easy, but who knew the March wind was in a mood; slamming the oversize snowflakes into my mouth and onto my face! Ouch! Don’t choke! Can’t wait to turn a corner.

Today’s walk seems more like an April fool. The kind where Mother Nature just has to shake it all up, one last time! I can here her devilishly singing in her best Nancy Sinatra voice “These boots are made for walkin’…”

Yes, and that crazy wind was definitely trying to “walk all over me!”

IMG_3897You know what they say about Chicago…if you wait 15 minutes the weather will change. We should be in the ’50’s by Wednesday!

Take that Mother Nature! As Nancy would sing “you keep samin’ when you oughta be a changin’…”

What’s right is right, right?!


Let's talk about that walk...

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