eat, move, balance

In my last post, we reviewed losing weight requires unlocking or metabolizing the carbon stored in fat cells. To do this we must “eat less and move more.” Sorry, there’s no way around it.

Without a caloric deficit, what is exhaled in exercise will match what has been eaten, there will be no net gain or loss of mass.

For those of you interested in how much carbon dioxide mass we exhale, here is information from the Coach at Live Healthy blog…

  • About 2.45 grams (0.005 lb) per hour at rest.
  • Between 50 and 90 grams (0.11 – 0.2 lb) per day for the average sedentary person, around 350 – 400 grams for a moderately active person, and around 600 or 700 grams per day for a very active person exercising 1 – 2 hours per day.
  • In an hour of moderate to hard exercise, the average exerciser will exhale about 350 grams of carbon dioxide (0.8 pounds). (Brisk four mile walk anyone?)

Carbon in must match carbon out for no weight gain to take place. Hmm, where have I heard something like that before? Oh right, calories in equal calories out for balance.

I’m the first to admit calorie/carbon counting is not something I look forward to. I find it much easier to take a long, brisk walk along with eliminating one high carbohydrate/fat snack per day. That’s how I try to stay in balance. What works for you?




Let's talk about that walk...

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