just put one foot in front of the other

 The Jack LaLanne Show--daily exercise! It was on after captain kangaroo...mom & me exercise time!  Get off your seat and onto your feet!
-urged Jack LaLanne,  American fitness pioneer.
It’s March! Here in the Midwest that means there are only three more months until it is officially summer – time to start spring training. Most of us have begun to inch outdoors, in caterpillar fashion, emerging from our sleeping bag cocoons while shedding our multi-layered outerwear. It’s time to prepare for that awesome season in which we will flit about and dance – in bright, colorful shorts, t’s and flip flops – welcoming the sunshine back into our lives, indulging in the frivolous pleasure that is summer. How should we start? What is the simplest, most natural and inexpensive activity we can do for ourselves?

IMG_1822“Just put one foot in front of the other!”-suggested Karen the walktalk blogger. 

Yes, open the front door and with no required instruction or skill, fitness can begin.

In fact, it’s so simple a person can choose from :

  • easy peasy out the door breezy
  • moderate motion morphing your mood and maintaining your weight
  • insanely vigorous power walking, demanding enough skill and intensity to be an Olympic sport!

Or, better yet, start at the top and progress through the list.

After your first walk the options are endless…do you like to-
  • Walk alone for solitude, meditation, creativity?
  • Walk with friends for companionship and conversation?
  • Walk indoors on a treadmill?
  • Walk outside in the city or country?
  • Walk at home, or at work?
  • Walk on vacations?

It’s time to stand up out of your seat, say “hello” to your feet and…



Let's talk about that walk...

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