from the melt zone – hope springs…

In Chicago, we are melting. Finally!

And, in true Chicago fashion, a different weather system blows in dramatically, almost overnight. Look at how we go from “very cold to dust off the golf clubs”!  Really??!!

'Here's your 7-day for #Chicago'
The moon has been so big, and white. I’ve been getting out at dusk for some short walks after dinner. It’s bone chilling, but the light is amazing and enough to keep me warm! The park has an otherworldly look encouraged by the frigid emptiness. Some nights I race back home because the  uncomfortable void gets to me, I feel like the last woman walking.
I can’t help but notice the snow is secretly active, and silently receding as my path widens each night. I am freer to gaze around instead of carefully eyeballing each footstep away from the ice. The reflections from the streetlamps highlight icicles dripping in the last of the hidden snowplow caverns, a gift I never get to see in the light of day.

Tomorrow we “spring ahead” and I can’t wait!! Could the big chill be heading back up to the Arctic where it belongs? I’ve started saying goodbye to my boots, thanking them for the warm, dry protection they afforded my feet all winter. I’ve put my snow pants in the wash for one final time. I’ve begun sorting my hats, scarves and mittens into their mild and severe winter storage bins.

I so look forward to spring – spring cleaning, spring walks, and a spring in my step. Ah yes, hope springs eternal!!


Let's talk about that walk...

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