dreamy fruit art

I want to walk into summer…tomorrow.

I want to indulge in the fruits of farmer’s markets, family picnics and beach time gatherings. I’m experiencing a craving for the nutrients which only summer and the warm sunshine provide. Yes, I know, all these fruits are available today, at the nearest market, but it’s not the same. I need to be wearing shorts and a tee, on a lawn chair, no shoes, bare toes feeling the heat of the sunshine, looking at my little plate of refreshing flavors that I just purchased – in its original season.

How much longer is the wait? For starters there’s…pinterest!

Lately, I’ve been cheering myself up with nutrient dense fruit art. Between the cheerful colors and the imaginative settings, I am transfixed. I have actually started planning for when the weather changes and snack time will be more fun!!

These are for March, because sometimes it’s still a bit nippy.

Banana Penguins

April showers bring may flowers. I can’t wait for when the warm days come two or three times a week. I love that the artist used seeds for the rain.

#funfood that is cute for spring.  April showers bring May flowers.
May and the sunshine is bursting! I’ll be out in my garden, noticing all its busy workers. My clothes will smell of dirt and compost. Grapes – the perfect snack when wearing gardening gloves.
A great caterpillar this one is awesome I could probably make this for kids when I babysit

June means bugs! Not crazy about that but…Strawberry ladybugs with dark chocolate – yum!  This means summer is officially here – and so are the first fruits of my garden!
Strawberry ladybugs--perfect for a bug themed lunch!
July, off to the beach. Bah dum! Bah-dum! Bah dum-dum!! It’s hot. Watermelon is so refreshing and so sweet!
We've pinned this before, but since it's almost Shark Week, we thought we'd feature it again! Here are ten adorable ways to play with your food.
August is when life is just peachy. Time to vacation and accept relaxation as the goal of the day! Work is for the birds!
Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons: Peachy Parrot
The delicate and graceful cool down begins in September. Apples signal the change in the air. Wait… stop. Stop right here!
15 Creative Ways to Slice, Cut, and Carve Apples via Brit + Co.

A big shout out to all the “food art” artists! During this crazy winter, your creations lift my spirits!! Keep up the beautiful work!

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