Take a walk with someone you love, or like a lot!

Since Valentine’s day is right around the corner, I’ve decided to have some fun with a mash-up post – combining heart idioms with some of the benefits of walking.

(I know, weird idea, but I really have my “heart set on this!”)

What if we all “took it to heart” and on Valentine’s Day chose someone we care about to take a walk with?

A short walk, a long walk, inside or out, it doesn’t matter. What matters is…we have our “heart in the right place.”

We all know walking is “heart healthy.” Good for the cardiovascular system; improving blood flow and reducing cholesterol. By inviting another to share in these benefits, it will be clear, you have their “best interest at heart.”

There’s always the chance you will find yourself rambling into a “heart to heart” with someone. Walking builds social bridges; think of the conversations as mini foot paths to bonding with another.  “Wearing your heart on your sleeve”  helps you get to know someone better – no matter the connection.

For those who suffer from an “aching heart,” walking is a wonderful anxiety reducer. Sharing your emotions with a trusted person can be a mental health tonic. One helpful tip – try not to over emote. Heaven forbid your walking partner enters into a state of “my heart bleeds for you.”

To feel “young at heart” walk with someone of a lesser age. Children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, maybe a friend or neighbor. All can benefit from the example you model. What better way to influence “the hearts and minds” of another generation.

Lastly, if you “heart” someone, can there be a better way to show love? Time spent with another can sometimes be the greatest gift. A walk can be intimate and personal, arranged and planned out to “your heart’s content.” Careful though, because your heart may “skip a beat or two” in the process!

So there you have it! From the  “bottom of my heart” a heart/walk mash-up. Who will you take a walk with this Valentine’s Day?



Let's talk about that walk...

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