digging out

And the numbers are in – our blizzard on Sunday came in at a healthy and historic #5. In just over 24 hours with an accumulation of about 19 inches, Chicago received more snow than we’ve seen all winter. Lucky us! Monday was a snow day in the city! No school, no work, stay home.

Yesterday’s walk was nearly impossible. Equipped with snowshoes and my big Saint Bernard, I managed about a half mile into and out of the park. It was difficult without a cleared path. I fell into the soft snow a number of times. Feeling like a kid – I laughed to myself as I struggled to get back up.


The snow was almost too deep for Phoebe. It was up to her belly and she had to bound her way through it. Here is a picture I must have taken after a fall – I say that because of the wet spot on the lens. Kind of a crazy shot, especially with the sun in the background.


We came across some neighborhood kids enjoying the holiday from school. They were attempting to summit a big hill in the park. There were serious grunts on the way up and successful smiles as they slid down to the bottom.


In spite of all the digging and shoveling and inconvenience, I love the snow! Each time I say that, a friend of mine invites me to “come to Hokkaido and play in the snow!”

My friend lives in Hokkaido, Japan where this type of snowfall is routine. Check out her blog to see the snow they get – Hokkaido Kudasai. Or how they make art out of snow and ice at  – Yuki Matusuri.

Once in awhile it’s good to have a …



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