reflection on one year of walking

My second year of walktalk will involve the commitment to less is more.

For instance…

  • Less miles in one outing. (Last year around this time I became over zealous, and was challenging myself with 6 and 7 miles at a time. Now, I can humbly say “been there, done that!” There’s nothing like the shocking look of worn out toe tips when flip flop season finally rolls around! (Will they ever look normal again? Why did I walk so much! You idiot, you broke them! Oops, sorry.)
  • Less speed in my walks. (Yup, again I will blame it on last year.) I was walking so fast trying to get my miles in under fifteen minutes and my heart rate up into a zone, that some of my walks were a blur. I’ve decided life is to short for blurry, hurried walks. Kudos to the slow movement. May I embrace the philosophy and apply it to all of my future walks.
  • Less worry about being retired. The funny thing is…once you finish agonizing over one of the most considered and calculated decisions in life, and you finally decide to tell people “Hey, guess what? I’ve decided to retire.” A lot of those people inadvertently respond with…”Oh! What will you do now?” And it seems to be said in a way that is somewhat full of urgent admonition; well meaning, yet infused with a pixel of panic; cautionary, but laced with a sprinkle of sorrow. I’m sure they mean well, it’s just that the emotional undertones can sound very similar to “oh no, you poor thing!” It would feel so much better if people said “good for you” or “congratulations” as a first response. Anyway, I’m happy to say I’m over all that- worrying about what I will do now. Yup, the world is my oyster! I’ve looked for the pearl long enough, now it’s my time to hold it in my hand.

I will acknowledge to myself that last year was the great experiment. Why do I say that? Because, as a newly retired freebird, spat out into the world, I went nuts with my walking. I did it because I could. And, I wanted to. I needed to explore and experiment, like a kid in a candy store. It was privilege and play. Liberation of my soul!

Ah, and thank goodness for reflection. All I have to do now is remap my route to get back on my path. Keep it simple! Let it be slow! Savor the change.

What about you? Any reflections on last year’s walks? Any new and improved ideas for this year? Maybe you will join me, as I dedicate 2015 to the theme…



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