it’s that time of year…

time for the dailymile challenge!

Yes my friends, it’s time to dig out the yaktrax, the extra wool socks and the waterproof shoes. This year I’m choosing an end of the year 100 for myself.

I like to participate in a challenge around this time of year to make sure I don’t get caught up spending too much time reading by the fireplace or comfortably working at my computer as I gaze outdoors on those cold and messy days. A challenge gives me some extra motivation.

Starting today – until January 1st, my goal is to complete 100 walk miles – that breaks down to about 3.25 miles per day, or about 7000 steps. This is a very doable goal. It boils down to one hour of the day I dedicate to my well-being, during the sometimes hectic holiday season.

The beauty of a pre-planned goal insures I will continue to burn those extra calories from holiday treats I can’t resist. Whether I’m out in the fresh air or at my local indoor track, I make sure I’m taking care of myself, with “exercise me-time”. It sounds selfish, but I know I will be a better person if I stick to my plan. With the shorter days, the increased holiday planning and running around, it’s easy to get lost in thinking of and doing for others, especially during this time of year. I need to keep a bit of myself the priority, and continue working on my healthy and energizing habits.

If you’re at all interested in a challenge for yourself…click on this link to dailymile.

And as always…happy miles!



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