a shout out to my walk buddies

This year in particular, I am so very grateful for my “walking buddies.” The last few months have presented some difficult physical challenges requiring great tenacity and resolve.

Everyone needs walking buddies (WB’s) and I consider myself one of the luckiest because I have the cream of the crop.

My WB’s keep me going. They show up everyday no matter what, and sometimes…there is a lot of what!

They are strong women, steadfast and determined. Their spirits full of moxie, courage and strength of character the likes of which remind me of greatness. They are my fearless leaders!

When I am tired, not in the mood, fuzzy, cold, hot, wind blown, below zero frozen, achy and on and on, I move past it all because I am in such amazing company.

We are a dedicated group.

Out in all weather, every morning, piling up the miles. The time passes so quickly, we never notice the endless loops we walk round and round our little track.

Our conversations are warm, engaging, insightful, guaranteed to provide some laughs, and best of all…time consuming.

I found this picture on my phone, leftover from a sunny, Fall walk. We found Abe one day.

Abe, who loved the word friend.  Abe who declared Thanksgiving a special day, Abe a guy who never gave up. Enough said!

Selfie with walk buddies and Abe. Whoa!

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