snowglobe walk


This past weekend I took a walk in the evening.

The first winter storm was rolling through.

I couldn’t help but notice,

the giant hand of the squall was shaking my park.

Inside of a silent snow globe, I was.

The only person out for a walk in the windy, cold, snowy, blowy weather.

Shake, shake, shake and churn.

My feet held on to the walk.

My mind couldn’t help but let go…

and beauty captured my imagination in a single soft moment.

The white flakes floated, swirled and danced,

taking their time to pirouette and frolic

around the warm glow and halo of the lamps.

Peaceful, dreamscape promenade.


Jiggle, joggle, agitate –

Impatient, angry storm.

Through the trees diamond shards stripe the black night

pelting down and all around.

Diving, driving, stinging me awake.

Wind aroused, my path iced beneath my sole.

Eyes down, eyes up, silhouette in the distance –

specter, wraith, my reverie’s foreshadow?

Storm’s grip wanted me out –

out of the globe, out of the dream,

and out of

my mind trip of a walk!



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