holiday gift ideas – what about a walk?

I can’t believe it’s time to start thinking about about gifts and gifting. It seems as though only yesterday I packed away my flip flops.

So it begins, the season in which I sometimes find myself in a gift slump, caught in a bout of last minute shopping because I insist on looking for a unique and creative gift that screams oh, so subtly, “I care about you very much?” This year will be different.

I’m thinking about some different ways to give a gift of walking.

As the American College of Sports Medicine reminds us…

Those who are physically active tend to live longer, healthier lives. Research shows that moderate physical activity – such as 30 minutes a day of brisk walking – significantly contributes to longevity.

Put another way, your gift of walking is saying “I care about you sooo much, I want you around longer.” It’s personal, inexpensive, green and an investment in a loved one’s health and wellness!

Here are some ideas that could cost less than a health club or fitness center membership.

A walk gift could look like:

  • a homemade book of coupons or a DIY card that says -“ I’ll walk with you”… three times a week, every afternoon, on the weekends etc.
  • an individually designed gift card, pre-loaded with a contract statement – if you… walk for 4 weeks, lower your blood pressure, lose weight, increase your minutes to 280 – we will…shop for some new walking gear, go out for breakfast, lunch or dinner, take a road trip on the weekend to a nearby walk destination, etc.
  • a list or a gift of apps that track steps, minutes or activity.
  • a pre-made playlist (or two) of someone’s favorite songs. Each playlist could increase in time, so the walker has to graduate to the next one.
  • an ‘all time favorite’ podcast list.
  • a gift of audio books to listen to while walking solo.
  • a pedometer.
  • a gift certificate for new athletic shoes – maybe an outdoor pair that are waterproof.
  • a wellness screening (I know this one is not so cheery, but it can be a first step if someone is afraid or unsure of how to start).
  • dri-fit clothing.
  • socks – one pair of the really expensive ones – the kind that feel like they are giving your feet a hug.

My ideas have inspired me already, how about you?



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