sugar, awww honey, honey

I come by it honestly – my love for sugar.  And that’s because it’s sprinkled throughout the history of our country and my generation.

Historically, Americans were happy to give up “farmhouse food” for the convenience and luxury of “processed”, even though the health implications were beginning to show. And, who could blame them?

According to Donna Gates, author of The Baby Boomer Diet

Even in the 1940’s, enlightened health professionals were implicating sugar as a dangerous poison and major culprit in aging…

Gates’ book makes the point that during World War II sugar was rationed, considered a luxury item. As the war ended, and the baby boom generation was in full bloom, the sugar restriction was lifted.

This caused sugar consumption to increase dramatically in the states. Refined, highly sweetened foods and drinks entered the marketplace. Sugar infiltrated our modern diet, hiding out in our processed foods as a preservative or listed as a flavor enhancer. Some foods didn’t even hide the fact that their product was all about sugar. It was around this time, as a middle schooler, I had a passion for music, breakfast cereal and cartoons.

Did anyone else go to the grocery store with their Mom, just so you could pick out the weekly cereal? With two other siblings in the rotation, I couldn’t wait until it was my turn. I vividly remember one particular week I got to choose – it just so happened my cereal had a record on the back. Being the budding young technology nerd and music lover I was back then, it couldn’t have happened at a better time.

It was 1969 and I got my favorite “over the top” super sugary cereal along with a hit song about sugar, sung by my favorite pre-teen cartoon show band – the Archies! I played and sang this cardboard record over and over on my close and play phonograph (another technology marvel!) until the disc was warped and worn out.  My friends and I couldn’t wait to hang out to dance and sing along with the Archie’s record “Sugar -Sugar”, we couldn’t get enough of the super sweet melody!

I used to eat this sugar loaded cereal

Ahh, good times and nice memories! Here’s the video from the Saturday morning cartoon. What’s not to love about the Archies? Let’s just say we were happy kids, innocent and oblivious to the most successful sugar marketers of the time!


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