sugar is everywhere

Cleaning up my diet is going to be more work than I thought! Check out this 4 minute TED video:  Sugar: Hiding in plain sight – Dr. Robert Lustig

The easy part – eliminating the obvious – chocolate before bed, the cookie at lunch, the sweetened cereal for breakfast.

The hard part…disciplining myself to read the labels at the grocery store, going through my pantry and getting rid of anything with a sugar alias in the ingredients list, (mental note – brush up on all the “other” names for sugar) and finally, getting back into the habit of baking my own breads and desserts without (and with less of) the white stuff.

Here is my motivation….in March of 2014 the World Health Organization (WHO) dropped its sugar intake recommendations from 10 percent to 5 percent of daily caloric intake. For an adult of a normal body mass index (BMI), that works out to about 6 teaspoons — or 25 grams — of sugar per day. (25 grams of carbohydrate equals about 100 calories.)

On the upside – food labels are undergoing a makeover. The FDA will now include added sugars on the new labels.

There is hope – with the addition of ‘added sugar’ (vs. natural sugar) to food labels, people may recognize how much hidden sugar they are taking in.


2 thoughts on “sugar is everywhere

  1. Thank you for the info. Yikes! Only 6 teaspoons? When you add it all up, I could be taking in more than I realize. Also, I never really understood the difference between glucose and fructose, so I appreciate the explanation.


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