galena in the fall

One of my favorite places to walk in the Fall is Galena, which is located in Northwest Illinois. About three and a half hours from Chicago, it’s my favorite long weekend getaway. Walkers, hikers, and anyone needing a dose of curvaceous, hilly farmland coupled with an unending vista of autumn color hugging the Mississippi River, won’t be disappointed. I’ve been visiting for over 10 years and still find new activities, and unique places to hike or walk during each stay.

There are wild turkeys, shopping, a country fair, boat excursions, eagles, a mountain, history, trolleys, alpine slides, and ghost tours just to name a few of an endless itinerary of activities waiting to be discovered. A mining town with civil war history and the home of Ulysses S. Grant, Galena is mindful of preserving and sharing its rich, historic past.

For shoppers, there are plenty of stores on Galena’s main street, including boutiques, gifts, chocolates, antiques, restaurants etc. Make sure you wear your walking shoes because the sidewalks are up and down.

Taking a beautiful drive outside of town will get you to some pretty cool hiking trails located in the Mississippi Palisades State Park. There are ravines, cliffs and bluffs all along the picturesque 15 mile trail system.

For me, there is no better scenery in Illinois for a super high concentration of nature and Fall colors, than Galena!! Here is a place I could walk for miles, visit for days, and relax in every moment.


chestnut mtn
Chestnut Mountain


alpine slide
Alpine slide at Chestnut Mountain


Mississippi Explorer
river vista
Stony Point Lookout
Turkey at Eagle Ridge

More wild Turkeys on Settler Lane 





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