eat chocolate and walk (a lot) more

This is a great quote for a Wednesday, especially for someone with an incurable sweet tooth, or 32 of them, like me. Has anyone noticed – eating chocolate is not as simple as it used to be? Chocolate desserts are now a collaborative mash-up. They are crazy chaotic collisions; combinations of all the best desserts in one mighty caloric universe of a serving.

The pictures of the recipes people are creating these days should come with warnings. “Attention: too much = obesity” “Warning – Diabetes lives here” “Beware  – can induce a blood sugar coma” “Caution – moderation is a must”.

Take this simple slice of cake for example, you can’t tell me I’m not gaining calories – just by looking at this! One long, unbelievable stare at this amazing drippage of peanut butter cup meltiness over some kind of cake and I know I need to walk at least 10 miles. Just one look and it’s as if Medusa has turned me to stone. I can’t stop staring, sweating, releasing pre-emptive dopamine and seratonin – maybe you know the feeling?

Reese Cup Cake - baking this for my Dad's 80th birthday.  I think he'll LOVE ir. With vanilla ice cream of course.

How about this donut!  Yes, a donut with dark chocolate and marshmallow frosting sprinkled with fudge brownies and chocolate chips?  (I’m thinking the marshmallow is kind of the glue that keeps it all from tumbling off.) The genius here is – what a portable and handy carrying device for all that jumbled up chunky sweetness? You know what? I could carry that…while eating it and walking the 15 miles needed to burn it off! Blood sugar up – blood sugar down. Can you blow out a pancreas?!

Heavenly Hash Dounuts {Brownies, Marshmallow, Fudge, and Chocolate Chips} | Gourdoughs CopyCat recipe @

Have you seen this cookie, brownie, m&m thing? Well, well well, I think we can all agree… someone with a little extra medical marijuana dreamed it up. This has munchie written all over it. Voila! A chocoholics dream! Close your eyes – can you imagine it warm? With maybe some chocolate ice cream on top? Oh…hot fudge? Phenomenal! Peanut butter cup sprinkles – someone call Dairy Queen, we have just come up with next summer’s frozen favorite – a mudslide blizzard sundae bomb!


Ooey Gooey Cookie Brownies

 And…now you know the real reason I walk so much! We really do live in an awesome time!

Let's talk about that walk...

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