the friendly road


Youth and life exhibit. Copyright 1922 – by the American Social Hygiene Association.

What a beautiful advertisement for walking by the YWCA! These watercolor women wear fall fashion that could work today. This ad speaks to brisk weather, a pep in their step, and a certain BFF joy in their jaunt! Classic, elegant, carefree, yet confident!

This is my walk goal today in 2014 – without the Michigan Avenue fashion, that is! (But…how nice to see a downtown alternative for the fashionistas out there!)

…to make sure my shoes are ‘right’ because I want my walk to be fun, to get myself out into the beautiful fresh air and sunshine on this gift of a September morning, to find a friend on ‘the friendly road’, to look the world in the face – and enjoy some exhilaration! Ahhh…I feel it already! Life is about youth and red cheeks, vigor, joy and grace.

Some experiences never get old!


Let's talk about that walk...

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