procrastination walk

The weather for the next two weeks in Chicago is supposed to be near perfect. The nightly news weathermen are bored to tears. No drama, no warnings of impending weather doom, we’ve hit the meteorological jackpot – rows of golden yellow balls on the seven day forecast chart followed by beautiful septuplet temperatures. I have to laugh because one of our local forecasters spent at least two minutes shrinking his radar map to find the nearest cloud. Why? Why can’t he let us live – naive and happy in our Truman Show of wonderful weather?

This is when I will find any excuse to walk outdoors, anywhere, at anytime of day to avoid doing anything remotely connected with the indoors.

Yes, my household chores will pile up.

Wash the dishes or walk the dog? Well, I really should get her outside more often, you know socialization is so important for our canine friends! What about organizing the office today, get rid of some of the leftover summer clutter? Clutter, flutter, butter…oh yeah, I need butter. Nothing like a nice wander to the grocery store. What about vacuuming out the basement floor? Hmm, what about walking to a store? Yes, that will do, after all I’m thinking about a new iphone and the closest Apple store is only 7 miles away, where’s my camelback? Blog? Oh! They’ll understand, after all, it’s about the walk…


Don't let this happen to you!

Let's talk about that walk...

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