chicago – happy david bowie day!

David Bowie by Cate Parr

Today my walk takes me into downtown Chicago. Where, by proclamation of “Mayor Emmanuel” it is officially – David Bowie Day! Wake me up because this has to be a dream!

Since 1972, when I was trying to be “the bomb” in 8th grade, I’ve been a fan. I’ve seen concerts, stage plays, movies, television specials and internet videos. Once I even wore Mary Quant glitter eye make up to a concert! Who was I? “Not sure if you’re a boy or a girl…”

I have all my original well worn, beer stained, seed creased vinyl albums which somehow made it through college, crazy parties, and lots and lots of apartments. At my last inventory, I think I am only missing one or two, no doubt loaned out to a friend for a Bowie gathering of some sort. “Let all the children boogie…”

Oh right, don’t let me forget the 8-tracks, cassettes, cd’s and digital downloads hidden on shelves, in bins or on old devices. Much of the music reminds me of my friends, the best in the whole world, because they loved Bowie too, and together we listened, all throughout the various stages of my life, to the music. And the music created so many wonderful memories as we danced and sang and escaped from adulthood for a little while.  “Let’s dance – to the sound they’re playing on the radio…”

He, was always changing. Kind of like us. As soon as he finished one thing he seemed to be on to the next…a rock star, an alien, a gigolo, an actor, a duke, a lodger, a heathen, a spaceman, just to name a few. In retrospect I wonder if maybe…he was subtly reminding us that reinvention is necessary in life, because it all goes so quickly? “And my time was running wild…”

And so, on this day, I am grateful to be alive! I really can’t believe this is real! Thank you Museum of Contemporary Art for this exhibition. Thank you Rahm for the proclamation. To my friends – “can you frickin’ believe this?” And most of all – thank you David Bowie for your rich, artistic, colorful and very human contribution to our culture! “Fill your heart with love today…”


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