i walk because…

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Year two of retirement and the questions keep coming…

Aren’t you bored? Not one minute.

Then you must be afraid? Nope, not really, not anymore.

Well then, what will you DO? I’ll do anything I want.

How will you pass the time? I’ll be in it – each and every moment.

Won’t your days be long? I hope so.

When will you get another job? This is my job.


Retirement has been one of the scariest changes I’ve faced in a long time. If you have ever had the feeling of finishing a workout or activity in which all of the muscles you’ve just used and fatigued are shaky and wobbly, well, that’s kind of like how year one was for me. Last year, I felt as if I was walking around all shaky and wobbly, all the time.

That’s when I decided to walk. I found a freeing strength in walking. Walking gave me direction and helped me move forward into the unknown, even though I had no idea where I was going. When I would feel anxious – I would walk. In the solitude of a walk, I dreamed of becoming a new person, but I had to realize it wouldn’t happen overnight.

Walking helped me cherish, savor, and honor space in the day.

Here I am at year two, and I am finally starting to feel like it’s OK if I enjoy this. I still don’t know where I’m going, but I kind of like that feeling now. There is a certain calm in accepting the awareness of not knowing. As I look back on last year, I realize, I did just fine without a huge plan.

My walking path has led me to this blog, it’s also introduced me to some new friends, who have been encouraging and supportive. Walking inspired me to hit the books, updating my knowledge and gaining a certification. Walking has given me confidence and peace.

It also helps that during some of my best walks, I’ve formulated some answers to those questions that still seem to pop up in conversations.

Roaming the streets and trails on this planet while traversing the highways and byways of my mind is teaching me – these are the best days, simply because I don’t know what the future holds and that’s OK. I enjoy the writing, I am drawn to the walking, and more importantly…I am not wasting my energy resisting change. I am shedding the old skin and letting myself become a new person.

How do you know you made the right decision?

Because…I can truly say “I am happy in these days of my life”.


4 thoughts on “i walk because…

    1. Yes, I know people have good intentions and they are only trying to make conversation, but it’s tough to slow down in such a product driven culture.Thanks for stopping by!


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