my walk-up song and bugs bunny

If you are a major league baseball player you have a “walk-up” song.

A “walk-up” song gets the player fired up, pumped and ready to go. As the player walks from the on-deck circle to the batter’s box, about 15 seconds of the player’s “walk-up” song blasts through the stadium. The song creates the identity for the player, helping to get them psyched for “knocking one out of the yard” or holding their ground as a 90 mph fastball zooms near their head! It’s all about confidence, conviction and courage.

When I was a teacher I had a “walk-up” song. It would play in my head as I stepped into the darkened gym every morning and began turning on the lights.

In the quiet of the empty school, I would place my key in the light switch and wait while the vapor lights slowly went from nothing to dim to finally bright. There were about three sets of lights and as I waited in these peaceful moments I would think about my lessons and classes for the day. I would imagine the still and church-like, empty arena an hour into the future – full of happy, chattering teenagers all involved in some type of movement. I would think “How will I do it – get them moving? Will they learn? Will they have a good experience?”

And in my head, my “walk-up” song would begin to play…there was loveable Bugs Bunny moving across the stage and singing “no more rehearsing and nursing our part” and “oh, what heights we’ll hit…” Instantly my fears would leave and I would feel it… “I knew every part by heart.”  Open the doors! Let the day begin, “on with the show, this is it!”


Year’s later, I realized my walk-up song came from waaaayyyy back. As a little kid, I was usually the first one up on Saturday morning. In the sleepy solitude I had the one TV in the house all to myself. I would perch on the couch with a bowl of Cocoa Krispies and watch my favorite cartoons before my brothers woke up. There was nothing like Bugs – the humor, the classical music, the beautifully drawn animations.

What’s your “walk-up” song?


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