web walking

Where shall I walk today? Hmmm…there are an infinite amount of choices!

Spider web 2

Web walking or virtual walking is a way to log steps, minutes, or miles to walk virtually anywhere. All you need is the internet and a website and you are off. As you login your daily walking data, the site tracks your route and tells you where you have walked on a simulated route. This is an imaginary way to determine your distance, have a little fun and maybe see the world with the help of a computer screen.

Here are some interesting places to choose or explore web walking…

Walking with attitude.

A walking club with a membership.  Trophies, trails, tracking and a variety of challenges from around the world.

About health – web walking

A free site which uses the American discovery trail. Provides logs, maps and rewards. View links for milestone segments to view and read about completed parts of the trail.

Walk across Illinois

A free website to encourage walking in the state of Illinois. Login, log miles and virtually or as a tourist on foot, visit some of the notable towns, parks and trails in Illinois.


Don’t be a recluse, get out there and spin a walk!  (I couldn’t resist!)


Let's talk about that walk...

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