“Dear Joan, can we talk…”


“Darling, I am going to miss you. You may be thinking – but you’re just a Saint Bernard. Ahhh, but I am a Saint Bernard who has observed, modeled and traveled in your footsteps my whole life. For starters, I have a sense of humor some would call biting. I am loyal to my procedures which keep me young and beautiful (as you can see in my ultrasound picture); and I have been known to impact style in the large breed fashion world of canine couture.

In fact, this is where I will begin. If I might toot my own horn, I was the first to sport highly stylized boots in my neighborhood. You can tell I wear them with attitude! Where’s the runway baby?!! Then there was the summer it was hot in February -well, I was hot in February! Do you see it? The brown heart my groomer artfully placed on my bum? Yup, I was wearing “Gabby” that day. Winter, OH! winter! Love it! Give me bells, give me red, a sprinkling of snow and let me Rock it! Nothing more to say, except…whaaat? Is that thunder? Boom-boom, and no worries, cause I am reclining in my crib with a comfy, cozy hug of a “thunder shirt.”

boots heart hollyNellie red coat thunder

My dear Joan, in my dreams I had hoped to see you some day on the Red Carpet. I really wanted to thank you. You were the pioneer for us girls – with your wit, your agelessness, and your fashion.

I will try to keep the party going Joan, but it isn’t going to be easy.”



Let's talk about that walk...

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