inner compass

Recently, I received some recognition from a fellow blogger. What a nice feeling when someone notices your blog.

Lovely blog award 1

Thank you for your random act of kindness – Phoenix Tears Healed

I would also add I found your blog amazing! It is now one of my favorites.

Your comment for my post makes me think I need to nominate my friend for the one lovely blog award. (Which I will begin to do after writing this page.)


Nominating Rules:

* Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
* Share 7 things about yourself.
* Nominate bloggers you admire.
* Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know.


About me…

  • I am a retired high school Physical Education teacher who always (secretly) wanted to be a writer.
  • I love to read (maybe a little too much for an active person!). I love science fiction, biographies, history, spiritual stuff, poetry, blogs, fiction and non.
  • I move; therefore I am. Thank you Haruki Murakami
  • My friends and family don’t know that I admire so much of what they do to make this world a better place.
  • I have been known to salivate like a Saint Bernard for a warm chocolate chip cookie.
  • Getting the right to finally marry my person made me cry – tears of the most amount of joy I have ever experienced in my life!
  • I am grateful for the Earth, so I garden and travel and pray every night that we take care of our planet.


Blogs and bloggers I admire and would nominate for the one lovely blog award

Hokkaido Kudasai

Pragmatic Patchwork

Crazy Green Thumbs

 Bungling Housewife



One thought on “inner compass

  1. big thankyou 🙂 and I love your answers; I am so glad to have found your blog and be following; all the best to you and your ‘other half’ 🙂


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