august humor and the end of (summer) days

August, and the meteorologists are talking about how the Ring of Fire is edging our city, (“But wait a minute, I thought the Ring of Fire was a stationary thing in the Pacific, Mr. Meteorologist…Why, you’re not sensationalizing my weather report are you?” “Making it just a wee a bit on the Apocalyptic side?”)

Final destruction by melting of our beloved summertime “stinking onion” or not, high drama weather makes the Chicago news interesting. Especially since we don’t have dust storms, mudslides, and hurricanes (yet).

We should consider ourselves incredibly grateful and lucky, all we get is swampy humidity, an over abundance of pesky summer flies, intermittent equatorial heat, and the occasional Nostradamus-like weather person.

Oh well, it is August and we are feeling it, the heat I mean. There are signs…

so true when its a hot humid summer day!

When the only sane way to beat the heat is a trip to the beach. Except, even the beaches are crazy places these days. People are so hot they appear to have lost their heads…

Hahahahah I'm  doing this. just put a towel over yourface before the sand!  Bahah.
You know it’s hot when you are out for a sandy stroll and you begin to see stuff that you aren’t sure of, “wait… over there – is that a mirage, am I suffering hallucinations from heat stroke?” “Hey, no PDA, and get some sunblock on, for heaven’s sake! Where are your hats?”
Photographs & Mammaries: 15 More Bad Family Photos - Team Jimmy Joe
Sadly, I must admit, ‘ring of fire’ or not, our days are numbered…
End Of Summer...BOO! I wish it could be summer all year long.
That’s it! I’ve seen enough! I’m going home.
Back in the neighborhood…OH no wait…are you kidding me?!!!
Umm, maybe there is some truth to that apocalypse thing?
I LOVE this! Looks like two of our cats, Simon & Lucy. Gotta get 'em some suits!

Let's talk about that walk...

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