walking – in the heat of summer

They are coming to Chicago, finally! The hot and humid 80+ degree days.

What does this mean? For me, my hair will grow to be twice as big, I will probably want to take THREE showers a day, and the outside air will feel thick and sticky like walking into a room full of  hair mousse.

That being said…exercising in the heat can be a deterrent, a barrier. The sun, the additional humidity, and the extra sweating can be uncomfortable, but there are many options for adapting.

Here are just a few tips worth remembering:

  • Clothing – wear light weight, sweat-wicking clothing. We live in an amazing time! The dri-fit fabrics on the market involve technology. (And I thought technology was just about computers!) Today’s exercise wear is designed to help regulate body temperature, and that’s a good thing when the weather is extreme.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
  • Sun block
  • A hat or visor
  • Shorter workouts, maybe 2 – 10 minute bouts a day

If all else fails and it’s just too darn hot to go outside, grab a pair of these, stay inside comfortably chilled, turn up the radio and polish up those floors!! They’ll love you at work!!

This pic was under humor but I think it really is a great idea for exercising and cleaning the floors!!!  LOL, that's actually kinda smart...

5 thoughts on “walking – in the heat of summer

  1. Hahaha! Are those shoe-mops for real? People come up with the weirdest things 😝
    Went for a walk yesterday and nearly died from the humidity! Managed about 25 mind instead of the targeted 4mins but oh well, 25 is better then zero, right?


      1. You should see the mop-as-bodysuit for babies someone came up with. The idea being that as your baby crawls around, he also mops the floors! I wonder if anyone buys those..


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