once an athlete always an athlete

For some, the motivation comes from deep within.

Whether we played kickball as a kid, organized sports in high school, ran 5K’s to stay in shape, do cross fit, yoga or still keep a membership at the local gym, for some reason some of us have the intrinsic desire to always push ourselves.

We continue to run one more lap, walk one more mile, lift one more set, serve one more ball, hold that stretch for 10 more seconds. It’s just how we are.

We find a way to chase, beat, scold, pace, want more of, and honor time. It can be our enemy or our conquest.

Amongst our friends and foes we ice, tape, medicate, make excuses for, seek alternative therapies and limp through our injuries. We don’t give up and we certainly don’t quit.

In our heads we are Michael Jordan, Mia Hamm, the next Ninja Warrior, and that’s what drives us.

We keep doing it because therein lies our strength and the courage of our convictions.

I move therefore I am.   Haruki Murakami


Not always a fan of Galloway, but he nailed it this time.

Let's talk about that walk...

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