a vacation in the rocky mountains, thank you Pinterest

One dark and stormy night I found myself wandering around Pinterest. I was alone. Lost in the empty void of the search bar. Without the hint of direction or the meager light of an idea, I scrolled aimlessly until I came upon this random signpost…

The mountains are calling...

I stopped scrolling and began thinking about pinning. In that pause, I heard my phone’s familiar and generic iPhone trill. Goosebumps on my arms! I ran downstairs to answer my phone only to find it was my neighbor asking whether or not my electricity was out. Sheesh! That was freaky. Back upstairs and pin it! Definitely, pin it!

I’m here to report, months later, that somehow that particular Pinterest moment took root in my subconscious and grew into my vacation. Kind of scary, but kind of adventurous as well!

Who knew it would become a great modern day road trip? Who new I would feel so refreshed and relaxed? Sometimes planning and executing a trip can be exhausting to the point of “I need a vacation from my vacation”.

Not this time, in fact I am so grateful to have answered the mountain call. Like distant relatives the mountains beckoned, and I journeyed. They bedazzled my soul and gave wings to my spirit. The scenery took my breathe away, as if I was stepping into an amazingly beautiful 3-D painting. A storybook of meadows and valleys and endless trails to hike. Something about the solitude quieted my breathing and slowed me down, put the brakes on my thinking, got me in a lower gear. All of the hours and days of prior walking presented me with the gift of being fit enough for these wondrous hikes. Up into the thinner air, up in the clouds where the air smells like pine and piñon, up where the site of one single mountain humbles a city full of skyscrapers.

The days were as “in the moment” as I can live. Thoreau might have affectionately winked, albeit with a hint of sarcasm, at my brief flirtation with withdrawing from society. No hurries, no worries. Just put one foot in front of the other, carry a slicker and always, always bring water.

My experience with life in a mountain town goes like this…

Wake up. Get coffee. Eat. Discuss a trail. Read a map. Pack your backpack. Go find the trail. Talk with a local. Tread lightly. Drink water. Step well. Eat. The rain comes. The rain goes. Hike up. Hike down. Hike up some more. Drink water. Eat. Look at a map. Make a decision. Turn around. Back to base. Hot shower. Eat. Listen to live music. Look at stars. Be grateful for the day. Sleep. Dream.

I took some pictures of my hikes. One of the most beautiful was Maroon Lake at 10,500 feet .

Maroon Lake. Colorado
Conundrum creek trail. Colorado
Maroon Lake
Maroon Bells. Colorado

Here is another crazy thing…upon returning home, and checking my Pinterest page, I noticed a pin from when I first started pinning last year – it was a very similar picture of Maroon Lake. I didn’t even know where it was at that time. It never crossed my mind to seek it out. Isn’t life wild? Thank you Pinterest for the reminder…

Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly…    Langston Hughes

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