conundrum or gift – my first facebook vacation

I’ve just returned from a rejuvenating road trip to Colorado! My summer vacation!

On vacation the only thing I really worried about was – Facebook. Can you believe it?

Yes, my hikes and walks were interrupted daily by the jostling of my thoughts around the conundrum of Facebook.

Since this is my first year on the social media site, I am finding most times it’s really fun for me and other times, well, I’m just not sure. The riddle… how much is too much?

Like most people, when I see something awesome or terrific – I want to share it. Until I begin to second guess myself. Bombarded with thoughts of… “am I selfing too much, showing off, not keeping stuff private, does everybody need to know everything?” etc. etc.

Then I think…who cares? Most people will take what they want and leave (or forget about) the rest. On to the next at the speed of the moment.

It is amazing that we live in a time when we can record and share our adventures/thoughts/concerns instantly. We are given the gift of more time with our memories, to share or reflect on a particular moment, event or thought.

To be able to capture moments like lightening bugs, and hold them on a page for just a little while, well…that’s just magical to me.

If I am given the opportunity to go back in time, to see a moment with fresh eyes, to recapture a feeling, or to have the opportunity to reflect on something that I thought was important at that particular point in my life, well… I’m thinking, wondering really, could it be… a gift?

Essay assignment - what I did on my summer vacation

5 thoughts on “conundrum or gift – my first facebook vacation

  1. Hi Karen, I enjoyed your Facebook trek! I frequently struggle with the same questions myself and have adopted a couple of approaches that you might like, too. First, I don’t post any vacations while I’m actually ON vacation, as I don’t like to advertise that my house is empty. Upon my return, I take my favorite pictures, capture them, then put them in an “album” so they are all listed there in one nifty spot. Only one notification will appear on your timeline, but for friends and family who want to see more, they can click and get to the whole glorious album of your trip. Happy trails!


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