let’s show some love for the walkers out there


We walk! We do it because it is a worthwhile and healthy lifestyle choice. Walking affects the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social realms of our being. Walking is medicine for the soul. Walking is good for the planet.

Gaining social support for a walking lifestyle can and should be cultivated, but how does this happen? (So glad you asked.)

Here are some examples of how to support a walker in your life or how to enlist others to support you.


 It is supportive when…
  • A spouse or partner takes walks with the person.
  • Friends encourage walking and taking walks.
  • A walker reads blogs, magazines or informational emails which help keep walking in a person’s life.
  • A spouse, friend or family member offers to cook dinner for someone who needs to walk.
  • A friend, spouse or family member watches the kids or volunteers to help with a household chore.
  • A friend, family member or spouse praises the walker for their efforts and progress.
  • Co-workers notice health improvements and are complimentary.
  • Social activities involve hikes or walking.
  • A walker participates in groups or meet ups.

3 thoughts on “let’s show some love for the walkers out there

  1. Walking is definitely the best exercise, not just for the body and mind, but for the soul as well. Whenever I feel myself getting blue, I go for a walk and it always helps.


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