the joy of socks – not for runners only

When was the last time you bought yourself a quality pair of athletic socks?

Whaaat? You never have! You are missing the true joy of modern day sport socks, my friend!

I recently splurged and bought some new walking/running socks the other day and oh! are they wonderful.  My walks have been positively blissful! My feet are dancing in my sneakers!

I paid a little more than I usually do for gym socks, (something in the $14-$20 dollar range), and I only got one pair versus a pack of three, but it was worth it. There is fabulous science used in creating the socks of the new millennium!

My feet are snuggled comfortably into my shoes, cozy in a blend of ultra light merino wool and some type of sweat wicking nylon. My arches are subtly aware of a slightly taut band of support as I walk, and the sock does not feel like it is slipping around inside my shoe – at all!

When the walk is done there is no feeling of clamminess on my feet – the moisture is magically taken away. My toes are not conscious of any seams, and this pleases them immensely. There is no friction anywhere, on the backs of my ankles or on the balls of my feet.

And then there are the colors, no more boring white. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Yes folks, a great pair of running/hiking/walking socks can be a walker’s secret weapon too!!

Let's talk about that walk...

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