help! the story is writing me….

Do you ever have those days when, for a brief moment, you ask yourself “What the heck am I doing?”

You know you are following your spirit’s calling, but…you’re not sure why, or what the next move should be, or how you will get there. You think of a path, you find the path, you get on the path, and then the next question becomes “where am I going?” “why am I doing this?” It can be a little scary.

They say – sometimes, we don’t know. And by they, I mean people like Charlotte Davis Kasal, author of the book  Finding Joy: 101 Ways to Free your Spirit and Dance with Life. In her book she reminds us that “Letting the story write us starts with surrendering to the messages from our hearts and trusting that following our path is truly the way to find peace and joy.”

If I truly believe in Charlotte’s advice, my job is to stay open and go where the energy takes me. I do feel as if I am surrendering to my life. It is very freeing to get an idea, follow it up, explore it, reflect on the experience, and then move on without fear – of judgement, failure, or criticism. There are days of absolute bliss and joy, when I’m walking, or writing, or just thinking about it all. Maybe…that’s what scares me, the feeling good part.

In the beginning, I put myself on this path to feel the essence of living by my truth, and trying to get to know the character of my soul better.

But now, my path is changing, evolving. Silently I walk, and some days I hear (or feel) only the voice of my inner self. As I let go, and not fear the silence, the walk becomes like a meditation. I am in a zone connecting with something inside me, and nothing else matters. I think this might be peace.

“Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker?”
― Garth NixSabriel

I stumbled over this quote recently and in thinking about it had an AHA! moment. Looking back on my life, I have always searched for the paths I thought I should be on.

Now it seems, the paths are finding me. Who knew!

~ChobbitHobbits Nature Corner~

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