can I be a superhero, just for one day?


Sometimes when I lay in bed at night, I think about what it would be like to be a superhero.

Without a doubt, I feel this way because before I go to bed, I watch the local news. (mental note – gotta stop) The lead story, inevitably begins with… (pick your headline)


More Than 60 Shot, 9 Dead in Chicago’s Bloody Holiday 
6 Dead, 22 Wounded Across Chicago In Weekend Shootings
22 Shot, 3 Fatally, Overnight in Chicago
At Least 27 Shot in Chicago Over Father’s Day Weekend 


I really despise guns and murder. This is unfortunate, because I live in Chicago. A great city, but one that is always shouting out nightly numbers and statistics. On weekends and holidays Chicago goes to mass – mass shootings. The regularity of murder and shootings is a given. We become desensitized, helpless citizens and it all starts to become meaningless after so much daily exposure. I feel Chicago is two different places and I don’t understand why.

Back and forth the arguments go…there’s the reporter “more homicides this month” – then the police chief ” less homicides than last year”,  the headlines “two kids killed last night, three people shot in a car, baby dies from gun shots on front porch” and on and on. I honestly hate it. It seems so random, much of it collateral damage, and it effects so many kids. Our humanity is being robbed of it’s potential. Not ONE person should die. Not ONE kid, baby, adult, teenager should lose their life to a bullet. Why does this have to be the way it is?

So…If I could be a superhero… I would be…K-walk!

Close your eyes with me and imagine… the scene dissolves into black, an orchestra begins to play a dramatic theme – something in between Star Trek and Star Wars. Letters and sentences start to scroll across the screen…

“This is the story of K-walk…A superhero able to walk miles in the blink of an eye. Saving youth (especially) and others from the dangers of bad guys with bullets in Chi-town.”


K-walk would wear a suit of Kevlar and Titanium…bullets would ricochet right off.

In possession of an extra sensory super power otherwise known as pre-cognition, K-walk can scan millions of brainwaves one hundred times as fast as any supercomputer. She would instantly know ahead of time when someone was thinking about using a gun to harm or shoot anyone in our city. K-walk would stroll the streets of Chicago under the secret identity of an urban walker – Ms. Bea N. Ambulator.

When duty calls through unconscious perception…Ms. Ambulator ducks into a bush, or behind a tree, dissolving into K-walk. In her bullet resistant, yoga pants-like ensemble she is able to utilize her other superpower – the ability to super-speed walk infinite miles, all in a blur of efflorescent whirlwind, to the scene of the concealed carry crime. Materializing with ninja speed, K-walk can kick, leap, jab, roll or punch, until the gun drops out of the shooter’s hands. The shooter would not know who or how their ass got kicked!

Confiscating the guns, in a cyclone of blinding white light, K-walk would fade away into the wind, vanishing down the path of least resistance.

Another victory! Saving the innocent from becoming a meaningless statistic on the evening news. Preventing the reporter’s cameras from swallowing up the raw gush of grief and anguish from broken hearted relatives, who are unable to escape the lenses jammed into their sobbing faces.

In the wake of the fading light, all that would remain would be a freshly charred “K” symbol, permanently tattooed on the inside wrist of the gun wielders and bad guys. Around the K would be the phrase – keep the peace.

Once a year, all the weapons would be piled high in the middle of Northerly Island (kind of like the Disco Demolition of 1979). There would be a great festival called *MeltStock ChiTown*. Bands would play, people would gather and the weapons would be subjected to lasers and microwaves until they were melted down into metal mush. The metal mush would be donated to artists who would immediately begin to repurpose the awful meld of handheld killing devices into peaceful sculptures depicting the inner beauty of people on Earth.

The sculptures would be placed all around neighborhoods, parks and playlots as reminders of the commitment to…keep the peace!

'Circle Of Peace' statue by Gary Lee Price (1999) - near the Center for Early Childhood Education at Eastern Connecticut State University in Willimantic, CT
‘Circle Of Peace’ statue by Gary Lee Price (1999)
Garden Peace Sign
Peace garden
From the photogrpaher: "This is a shot of the sculpture outside the UN headquarters in New York. Created by the Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reutersward as a tribute to John Lennon.  Im pleased with this picture as it makes the gun seem much larger than it really is and emphasises its' detail. Its about 14 inches in length."
Created by the Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reutersward as a tribute to John Lennon.

4 thoughts on “can I be a superhero, just for one day?

  1. I wish you could be a super hero! I’ve heard many times from Japanese people that they would never want to visit the US because it is so dangerous with everyone having guns. I really like how safe I feel in Japan.


  2. Can’t wait to see K-Walk on the streets of Chi! While she is in training, check out Amy Cuddy’s TED talk, which features the Wonder Woman pose. You’ll feel better in the meantime.


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