fireworks and a garden walk

Here in Chicago, we have been having mild summer weather. It’s the kind of weather I would seek out on a vacation.

The combination of sunny, warm days, low humidity, and a hint of cool breeze, coupled with soft, gentle nightly rains have been very nurturing for the plants in my garden. The grass is thick, green and lush while the tree leaves seem to sparkle when the wind wafts. I’m not sure if this weather is a residual effect of the Polar Vortex, but if it is, this is a great reward for all of our suffering.

Usually around this time of year, Chicago is scorchingly hot, uncomfortably humid and in a drought, or, we are breaking records for the most (miserable) 100 degree days in a row. The grass is a pale brown, the trees look bent and haggard, while the flowers try to cheer us, albeit, in a bedraggled, thirsty sort of way.

I love this summer’s weather. In my house, we have  used the air conditioner only a couple of times. Most nights we have been able to sleep with the windows open. The curtains breathe and billow the cool night air.

Yesterday, on my morning walk through my garden I couldn’t help but notice the variety of spectacular blooms appearing around this 4th of July.

Like sparklers in a green sky, the colors vibrantly pop, boom, crackle, screech, pop, pop, pop one after another. These are my kind of fireworks!

Do you have a garden nearby? Take a walk and enjoy the fabulous flora we are experiencing this year.

Viriditas, the green force of life is bursting all around us!


Allium - spent Bee balm Day lily Lavender orange cone Pansy Pumpkin Purple cone Stonecrop


2 thoughts on “fireworks and a garden walk

  1. We’re having a cooler than normal summer here in Hokkaido too. When I went out for a walk this morning, it was 62 F.


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