the bunny family and a walk with good karma

In the middle of an otherwise uneventful 2 miler the other day, my walking buddy and I happened upon a couple of fluffy puffballs munching on weeds in Brooks Park.

bun out box

Wait a minute…something doesn’t look right. We immediately realized these were not the usual, average, wild gray bunny we see in the dawn and at dusk in our park. In fact, they appeared to be homesteading in an old, abandoned, rusty “Danger – High Voltage” box near one of the  park’s side entrances.

bun in box

Barely a minute passed before we stopped, looked at each other, and with similar thoughts going through our heads, we intentionally ended our walk. Together, we flipped into “save the bunnies mode”. Cell phone in hand, calls were made. A bunny cage appeared, then a bag of carrots. Some onlookers gathered, wanting to assist. We summoned a person genetically predisposed to catching “wascally rabbits”, and as luck would have it, she was available and willing to help. Not only had she owned rabbits, but “back in the day” her Dad was a master wild bunny catcher in Ireland. How lucky were we!

As our retrieve and rescue cause unfolded, it was becoming more and more obvious that the bunnies were domestic and used to people. Our efforts had attracted quite a large crowd of kids and neighbors, and this didn’t seem to frighten the rabbits at all. Pretty soon, we had all four buns caught and landed in our bunny hut (yes, we found two adults and two babies hopping about). Success! Now what? (Eerily, they seemed to look up at us with the same question in mind.)

4 in hut

(Oh my gosh! Aren’t they the cutest little family you ever saw? – Besides your own of course!)

We moved the little hutch and family into a neighbor’s backyard as we began making calls to animal 311 and pet shops. Once again, luck was on our side as we found a pet shop in Evanston – Not Just Thee Fish Bowl –  that specializes in domestic rabbits. They were kind enough to take them, promising to keep them together until the babies were older. Upon visiting the shop, we were struck with a very happy vibe. As the workers coddled the bunnies, and prepared some very homey digs, we noticed other kinds of pets roaming freely and calmly about the shop. We felt like this was indeed the right place.

Such a happy ending! Here they are enjoying their new penthouse digs… together and safe!

at the petshop


On another note, I have vowed to keep my blog positive, and rant free, but sometimes…well, I can’t help but think, “why” just why?

It’s then I realize it was our destiny, to come together, as a small community of neighbors, pooling our talents on behalf of another being’s family and it’s welfare. A small group of people worked together for a moment. As adults, we showed compassion and empathy to the kids who had gathered. Was it karma that helped us along? All I know is – it enriched my soul to be able to work with others for a good cause, and in the end who cares about the rest.

When I look at that happy bunny family, it keeps me from imagining the worst possible outcomes that could have happened to them. And the best part – it all unfolded from a neighborhood walk!


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