new credentials and walktalk 2.0


I am so very happy to report – this past month I passed the certification test to become a personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine. The ACSM Certified Personal Trainer test is the gold standard in fitness certifications. It is a very tough test and the statistics of those who take the test and DON’T pass are louder than those who do.

Most of the winter was study time for me – at least three hours a day. After passing the rigorous and grueling two and a half hour test, I feel confident in saying I am now updated and refreshed, like exercise software. My knowledge and insight in the areas of anatomy, exercise physiology, body mechanics, kinesiology, psychology, nutrition, business and marketing feels re-awakened. One might say this is “walktalk 2.0” – how’s that for a fancy new retronym?

Preparing for and taking this test was a goal I set for myself in September, like walking and blogging. Somedays, just thinking about the test scared me. I never thought I would get all of the concepts I needed to know, organized and stuffed into my head. Thank you internet – for flashcards, blogs, youtube videos, and sample quizzes. I had some slow days, but I didn’t give up, I worked my way through – taking baby steps. I have to say…I’m really proud of myself – talk about building self efficacy!

Walking came to my rescue when I needed to take a study break. Blogging helped me set goals, fight off barriers to study and apply concepts. Twenty eight years of working in the field of Physical Education had it’s contributions as well.

I’m not exactly sure where this will take me. To be honest, right now, I only want to savor the moment. I know the next step will come. For today, I am thrilled to say my blog has credentials.

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