nothing like a little medicine… ball

Keeping in the theme of building some strength and conditioning into a walking program, let’s talk about using a medicine ball. In my opinion, workouts are much more fun and interesting when there is the novelty of a new piece of equipment. Like a kid with a new toy, I am motivated to explore all the different ways it can be used.

Medicine balls are great for improving core strength, especially in the chest, arms and legs. They can be purchased in varying weights -from 4 pounds to 50. I would recommend something in the 4-6 pound range which should cost under $20.00.

Medicine Balls | Intense Fitness Workouts

Medicine ball exercises can be worked into a walking program as either part of a dynamic warm up in the beginning or inserted somewhere in the middle of the walk to break up the distance. (With the last option, you may have to carry the ball in a backpack while you walk. Just think of it as adding more weight – or intensity to your walk.)

Here are 5 relatively easy medicine ball exercises that are good for beginners, especially if planks are starting to get boring.


Ball workout
  • The use of a medicine ball in workouts will add variety, build muscle and improve coordination. ¬†Medicine ball training is suitable for all ages, fitness levels and sizes. Some advantages to training with medicine balls include an improved range of motion, increased flexibility, and better joint integrity.
  • Many daily activities mimic movements done with the medicine ball, such as reaching up to put items on a shelf, or lifting and carrying grocery bags, etc. There are also plenty of exercises which involve tossing and catching, you can work with a partner or simply use a solid, sturdy wall.
  • Think of the medicine ball as medicine. Take your medicine 2-3 times a week because…
You can do more than you think. Fitness motivation: exercise inspiration. inspirational workout quotes

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