walking with the moon

We’ve had a moon this past week, first full of the summer.

I notice I am finding any excuse to be out later in the evenings, watering the lawn, driving to get gas, or taking a walk around the neighborhood. My days are worth double now, especially when the moon is big.

Summer is starting to commit.

I love that my routine is beginning to change, almost without notice. The warm, fragrant evening walks are like dessert after dinner. The sweet smell of clover dots the air around the park, and each inhalation is delicately steeped in honey.

Inside the warm, dusky twilight my attention is captured by the sky, a dramatic mix of swirls and puffs, the clouds dancing around with the oranges and purples of the leftover sunset.

When the moon comes around, rising full and bright, I look at my watch and it says quarter to nine and I am still outside, my soul pirouettes and I am keenly aware of the fountain of youth in my spirit.

The moonlight mixes with the lamplight, and tonight it’s not about the stars – it’s about the night falling. As the dimming begins, the sounds around the neighborhood quietly intensify. A block away – the laughter of children running, playing and having fun under the streetlights bounces off the walls of the brick homes. There is the occasional whir of a night rider bicyclist breezing by on the street, as it mixes with the buzz of some nocturnal insect waking up for the evening. From the alley, comes the muffled mix of conversations floating around in the air from neighbors in their yards or on their porches.

This is life in Chicago’s neighborhoods when it’s good. We are a happy collective, all of us contentedly enticed by the natural satellite orbiting our planet to live outside in the night for a time. It’s the secret we share and you can bet, it never makes the 10:00 news.

If you haven’t already… I highly suggest – a walk with the moon!

Hanging Around - Taken while riding home on the pink line. I was caught up in the large cloud directly above the Sears tower and the setting sun turning it pink. Over to the right the full moon is just starting to rise in the sky. - Señor Codo via flickr.com

Let's talk about that walk...

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