june humor – plank you very much!

While researching my last post on planks, I came away with quite a few inner laughs. It’s a crazy world out there…the lack of jobs, the high cost of college and apparently, people with a lot of free time on their hands to explore and invent new skill sets.

Who would have thought these skills would include the transformation of the simple, honest plank exercise? Ladies and gentlemen, I present the humble, sturdy, no-frills plank exercise (purely as a frame of reference).

These Workouts 1. Burns that fat from around your waist 2. Gets rid of a muffin top 3. Tones the body

And now for some of those revamped, refashioned and slightly mind blowing plank modifications….

I’m sorry, but all I can think is “did this lady lose her mat (or her marbles?).” She’s on an escalator for gosh sakes, and moving, well… don’t knock it ’till you try it I guess.

Escalator Planking: I'd be the friend holding the camera!

This one is (without a doubt) very existential for me… what is the essence of existence on an elephant’s head? Does the elephant derive a greater purpose in it’s life? Does the absence of cleanliness in the water muddy the meaning of God in nature? Where might I find a willing elephant in Chicago?

Times have certainly changed in dorm hallways…when I was in college we used to just drink a lot until someone passed out and fell down on the floor! Then we would gather around, laughing in amazement, trying to figure out where to move them! This reminds me of someone passing out – sans gravity.
planking champion...need to do this in the dorms...

When I viewed this one I couldn’t help but think oh my goodness, my best friend must have thought I was so boring when we went to the beach!
Best friend picture ahahahahaaaaa who wants to do this with me??! Any takers?!! I get top!! Hahahaha

This one looks like a team bonding party, or cheerleaders who reunite, or maybe two dimensional twister!
Extreme Planking: Courtney, Parker, Steph, Stephen, Drew, Ashley, and Amanda

I would think this guy might have passed out and got into a plank photo by mistake except for the rigidity in his arms. Can we just say – this one is kind of grotesque, on so many levels! And by the way…where are the infamous ‘urinal cakes’?

Why? Just “why” is all I can ask. But then, who am I to comment on sacraments and sanctity and crazy wedding trends? Maybe it’s all about some extra penance before the ceremony!
"Is this really a good time to try planking?" Correction: This is the PERFECT time for planking.

Just when you think you”ve seen it all… I bring you “the shelving unit plank”. Not available at IKEA, thank goodness! Are these “lads” for real?  Who set them up and by the way – shouldn’t some parts be dangling? Was there tape involved? Were they photo-shopped? Are they cirque de soleil drop outs? Yes, this is one of those pictures I just can’t stop looking at, marveling at really. I suppose it all fits neatly into some physics theory.
I wanna know how they kept their"u know what's" from "u know whating"

A big thank you to all the brave, fit and enterprising plank-sters out there, who boldly go where no plank has gone before!

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