burn baby burn

My focus for this month – sparking my metabolism!  Calories “in” need to be a little less, and calories expended – a little more. For this to happen, I plan to swap out one hour of sedentary evening behavior with some exercise.

I have penciled in three different evening options for myself…

  • option 1 = take an after dinner walk with spouse.
  • option 2 = take an after dinner bike ride with spouse.
  • option 3 = after dinner tennis doubles with friends.

Each option allows me to vary the intensity for the amount of calories I wish to burn. Walking in the evening would be an additional walk and it might occur at a lower intensity because we might bump into neighbors and casually stroll or converse. Bike riding can be done at a moderate or vigorous pace depending on the chosen route or trail. Tennis is competitive when I play with friends. We use the summer months to build from one set up to three. This gives me the most calorie burn, and usually allows for an ice cream cone at the end of the two hours. : )

I tried to create options for myself that are fun and social, instead of isolated and grueling. I love to be outside as much as possible, and any excuse to visit with friends and neighbors is a huge draw for me. Planning for a dessert reward once a week gives me a goal and intensifies my appreciation for summer treats.

My June goal is to burn an extra 250-500 calories per day, this would give me a total 1750-3500 calories in one week. (Keep in mind – 3500 calories is equal to 1 pound of body fat lost.)

If I plan to eliminate one high calorie snack per day (I can save it for the weekend) and I get in one evening hour of exercise per day, I think I should be in good shape (no pun intended) by the end of the month. It’s nice to know, this plan can be tweaked – a person can eliminate 1 snack per day, or burn the calories in one extra workout per day, or do both and double the daily calorie loss.

Please feel free to use this template and swap in your own numbers, activities, intensities and rewards. Fun and success go hand in hand, so make sure there is fun (and a nice dessert once a week!)

What I like best about the following chart is the information about muscle. Muscle is active tissue, it burns calories unlike fat. The more muscle we have in our bodies – the more calories we burn even at rest.

“Burn baby burn” -we become like disco inferno’s!! Anyone remember that song, 1976? the Trammps? “Just can’t stop when my spark gets hot!!!”

All about burning calories

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